6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water

Yummy! There’s no question that coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher to beat the summer heat. Most would drink coconut water and, maybe, sunbathe while they’re at it. And whilst people do enjoy the invigorating flavor it has to offer. Many aren’t familiar with what makes coconut water truly amazing.

Well, there’s really no harm in that. Let’s face it — simply drinking and moving along doesn’t give appreciation to the wonders a certain delicacy offers, in this case, the coconut.

On that note, I wish to help people out (not by giving them money to buy coconut drinks). Rather by giving them some ideas on the amazing benefits of coconut water.

Aids in Weight Loss


Dread excess weight? Coconut water is the drink for you! Most want to achieve a fit body, while others just want to avoid being obese. But regardless what your aim is, research has proven that drinking coconut water aids in weight loss.

Composed of bioactive enzymes, this light and refreshing beverage helps enhance metabolism. On that note, coconut water may provide relief to indigestion because of these highly concentrated enzymes found in its fibers.

Also, it aids in taking care of extra water from one’s body and toxins that come along with it. By consuming an 8 oz. glass at least 3-4 times a weekly, you have the chance to expedite your weight loss goals.

Low in Calories


Of course, achieving a fit body is only the first step — maintaining it is the next challenge. As such, it’s advisable to avoid high-calorie food and beverages. Thankfully, you can just keep on drinking coconut water. It only has 46 calories in every cup along with many essential nutrients!

Processed drinks are full of flavor and sugar, which are tempting, no doubt about that. But these can result in weight gain. In comparison, coconut water has organic electrolytes that help in keeping you fit via the low calorie it has.

Lowers Blood Pressure

blood pressure

Do you occasionally feel anxious? Want to reduce the level of your blood pressure? If so,  what you need is coconut water. It is known to keep blood pressure in control .

Studies have shown that over 70% of the people with high blood pressure has improved systolic blood pressure. This is when they consumed coconut water for a certain period of time. This is likely to the fact that potassium is present in coconut water. Potassium is a known organic element that to lower blood pressure.

This amazing beverage acts as a balancing mechanism of sorts. In many instances, unstable level of electrolytes can result in a high blood pressure. Because coconut water have an adequate supply of essentials. As well as electrolytes, it stabilizes the blood pressure. This allows the people to feel more comfortable and avoid anxiety and other health risks that may sprout from it.

Benefits of Coconut Water: Cell Regulation & Growth


Coconut water is a well-known anti-aging fruit. You might have wondered why natives in the tropics look and stay young.

Apart from the extensive skin care they probably had, most of them drink coconut water. Well, it may sound a bit “made up,”. But hey, when you’re in the beach and notice how wonderful it is to drink coconut water. You’ll definitely feel lighter and fresher.

This will definitely give you a crazed idea that you’re feeling and looking young. But that aside, if you want a scientific explanation, coconut water is actually comprised of lauric acid and cytokines which are essential for cell regulation & growth.

This explains why product creams, shampoos, conditioners, and such which contain coconut extracts are more effective.

Support Heart Health

heart health

People would often hear the word “cholesterol” when it comes to their heart. While this is important for the body in creating hormones, vitamin D, and other substances vital to your body. This fat-like substance does cause heart risks.

Almost every product we consume we can find Cholesterol. However, this doesn’t mean we should just let it be and continue to have this fat-like substance affect the condition of our heart.

Drink coconut water! In a study, it’s found that coconut water reduces blood cholesterol and a significant decrease in body fat. This was further researched. It is now concluded that coconut water does have wonderful effects on the condition of our heart.

If one struggles and finds it hard to ensure an effective cardio system, there’s a high risk of failure. This includes a heart attack. As morbid as it may sound, this is what having high cholesterol can do to your body. By taking advantage of coconut water, you can minimize the risk of this. Along with the other benefits, can achieve a healthier body.

Benefits of Coconut Water: Takes Care of Hangovers & Migraine


The next time you overdo it, don’t buy processed drinks or take aspirin right away. Although they do have some effect, you want a risk-free and permanent remedy— coconut water is what you need.

Coconut water replenishes electrolytes. It gives that severe headache a run for its money. It also takes care of that loss of appetite you’re feeling during a hangover. Also, if you experience a migraine, drinking coconut water will be a great relief.

Same as hangovers, migraine can cause a severe headache, even vomiting. Coconut water provides organic magnesium to your body. This takes care of a migraine, as well as headaches, in a simple yet delicious way.


Coconut water is one of the best organic beverages that can be found in many places, usually the tropics. You can either consume it directly from green coconuts or in bottles. However, when you do purchase coconut water bottles, avoid those with added sugar, sweeteners, or flavors. They could do hinder you from your initial aim of a healthier body.

Whether you’re aiming for a certain weight or simply want to maintain a healthy body. The benefits of coconut water will definitely be something you’ll appreciate.

So what are you waiting for? Coconut water is the extremely delicious and nutritious beverage that’s good for you — Drink one now!


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