How to Lower Blood Pressure with these 9 Home Remedies

So, how to lower blood pressure? As you blow your yearly candle to signify another age, there is no denying that the risks of being diagnosed with health issues get higher as well.

You’ll never know how simple but repeating headaches can be a sign of a serious illness. And worse, some people get to find out all these health issues when it’s already too late to be treated.

High Blood Pressure, for instance, is an example of what they call, “a silent killer”. But worry not, as there are also ways for you to lower blood pressure, should you be one of the many people who are suffering from such. 

What about High Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure Testing

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure pertains to the amount of force exerted against the walls of the arteries as blood flows through them. It has been known to be a silent killer.

The symptoms of hypertension are not as obvious as the other serious health conditions. Sad but true, most people who experienced heart attacks or cardiac arrest have never seen the risks of hypertension until it was too late.

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According to research, about 85 million of American adults have been said to experience this high blood pressure. That means, almost 1 out of 3 adults suffer the symptoms of this diagnosis. A headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Blurred or double vision, Nosebleeds, Palpitations, or irregular or forceful beating of the heart breathlessness are just some of the many symptoms of high blood pressure.

And you must know that the highest risk you should be looking forward to once experiencing all of these is the risk of getting heart attacks and other serious health diseases.

This condition is usually caused by aging, lifestyle, genetic background, obesity, stress and diet mantras. It could even cause a lot of complications to the other parts of your body system such as your brain and kidneys.

How to Lower Blood Pressure? What are some Home Remedies to it?

1. Exercise


Help regulate your blood flow by moving around and doing a lot of physical activities. Exercise does not really mean going to the gym or carrying those weights. A 30-minute morning jog every day will do as long as you get to sweat off those toxins in your body.

Aside from such, you must know that physical activities also has a way of releasing the stress you may be feeling and thus, freeing your heart.

2. Diet


Dieticians who also look at the risks of blood pressure have suggested a so-called DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This includes adding more fruits and vegetables in your plate.

Also considering intake of whole grains, eating low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fish and nuts and eliminating all your favorite foods which are highly saturated with fats.

3. Stop Smoking


Most smokers say that inhaling cigar can relieve the stress they have felt. But what they do not see is how a single puff of smoke also puffs off a second of their existence. Aside from possible problems in the lungs, smoking cigarettes specifically nicotine intake may add up to the risks of hypertension.

Thus, nixing off this nicotine is one of the best ways you can drift away from all these risks.

4. How to lower blood pressure with a pinch of salt


Not that I am saying you must cut off the intake of sodium chloride in your body. But lessening your salt consumption can help you lower your blood pressure.

According to research, lowering your intake of salt also lowers blood pressure levels by 2 to 8 mmHg.

5. Less Caffeine intake

Less Caffeine intake

Research states that caffeine has the tendency to cause short-term spike. If you remember, palpitation is one of the symptoms of high blood pressure.

While coffee has a way of keeping your body alert and alive, the risk of palpitations is unknowingly high once you have welcomed lots of caffeine in your system. Thus, cutting off from caffeine helps you lower your blood pressure.

6. How to lower blood pressure with wine? Moderate intake of Alcohol


Indeed, drinking a glass of wine over dinner time may pose great benefits for your heart. But this should be drank in moderation. Too much alcohol intake brings in a lot of health issues, including hypertension.

So it would be best that you limit your consumption on these beverages. An AHA study suggests that men should drink at most two glasses of alcohol per day while women should have only a glass of alcohol should you wish to still get the benefits of drinking wine.

7. Listen to good music


Surprised? Maybe. But according to researchers at the University of Florence in Italy, listening or relaxing to good music helps lower the risk of hypertension. This study has been proven as the researchers asked about 28 adults.

Experiencing hypertension medication to listen to good music, for instance, a classical genre for 30 minutes daily while practicing good breathing and it has shown a positive result on lowering one’s blood pressure.

8. Eat dark chocolates


Hooray for those who love their sweet tooth cravings! While taking in a large amount of chocolates may not be good for your heart. Studies say that taking a minimal amount of it may help you do away from the risks of hypertension.

You should prefer dark chocolates for this. According to research, dark chocolates or cocoa contain flavonoids which could cause blood vessels to dilate and thus, regulating the flow of blood within your body and most importantly, lowering your hypertension tendencies.

9. How to lower blood pressure with berries? Berries for snacks!

Berries for snacks!

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctors away. But now, studies have proven that berries may also save you from the risks of hypertension. Packed with lots of polyphenols which are natural plant compounds known to be good for your heart.

Eating berries can help you lower your blood pressure.

Young as you may be right now. You must always take into consideration the cliche statement, “prevention is always better than cure”. It’s always good to know your health condition through getting regular checkups.

For some, they take some preventive measures or take some home remedies to help lower blood pressure once they have started experiencing the symptoms of such.


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