How to Burn Belly Fat From Home in 10 Simple Ways

So how to burn belly fat? Imagine this – you haven’t seen your partner for a long time and he just arranged a date night for the two of you once he arrives home the next month.

With your most excited self, you rush off to the nearest dress boutique in the city to get that red sophisticated dress to be worn to that luxury romantic date.

It was the best among all the displays. You’d surely die to get the design but when you try to fit the dress. You got stunned by your stubborn fats crying for attention.  Bothered with those, you knew that you have a desperate need to lose all those belly fats.

But going to the gym could no longer fit your everyday to-do list as you have tons of items on it already. Knowing so, you may have lost your drive to shred off those pounds until you realize that there are options for you to do so without the need of hitting the gym on weekdays after shift.  

Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are tons of home remedies you can turn to to get you in shape and be able to wear that dress you’ve bought from the boutique. Below are just some of the ways you can shake those fats off.

1. How to burn belly fat with lemons?

lemon in a glass of warm water

lemon in a glass of warm water

Add slices of lemon in a glass of warm water. You may have heard or read a lot of say-so’s that lemon, and sometimes, even combined with cucumber and some mint leaves, are highly effective in detoxifying your body and yes, it has been proven by studies through time.

Lemon, as studies say, can help lower your caloric intake and thus, threatening those fats away. In addition, it has the capacity to increase your metabolic rate too.

2. Lower carb-intake, higher protein intake

asparagus meat

Losing weight does not mean saying goodbye to your favorite hobby which is eating out. It is just a matter of calorie count. This means you may still munch on your favorite grilled marlin without worrying about gaining weight.

In this suggestion, all you’d have to do is to lower your carb intake. For instance, rice and white bread but add more protein to your body. This protein nutrient helps in balancing blood sugar in your body and even lowering your insulin rate.

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3. Adding Coconut oil to your meals

coconut oil

Coconut oil, while unknown to many, has weight loss benefits to people as this contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are said to be easily digested and thus, dashing off the tendencies of storing fats in your body.

4. Have a cup of green tea


Green teas are said to contain waist-trimming contents called catechins. With this, this beverage is said to be one of the best detoxifying drinks one can take.

But mind you, you need to be aware of what green tea product should you get as some of the green tea products especially those which are stored in bottle containers, have high dosage of sugar which means killing the effectiveness of weight loss.

Studies also say that you may replace your coffee for a cup of tea as having four-five cups of tea a day can best bring its weight loss benefits.

5. Get a good rest

good sleep

No matter how strict you become on your diet, the weight loss benefits won’t take effect if you do not give your body a good rest or at least six to eight hours of sleep a day. Doing so, you are able to keep your insulin levels well and even kiss those stress hormones, causing you to stress-eat, goodbye.

6. Drink lots of it!


Being a water guzzler could be the best way to shred off those extra pounds. Aside from green tea, water is a known mighty warrior for losing weight. This way also, you keep yourself hydrated and you may even perspire all the toxins off your body well.

Drinking lots of water will also help you do away from all the sugary drink intake you may have every day. For instance, instead of getting a cola, you refer to a glass of water instead.

7. Chewing garlic every day


When you wake up in the morning, chewing a raw garlic – at least one or two cloves a day may also help you in controlling your weight increase. Although these may be pungent, the benefits are still worth it should you wish to lose those belly fats.

8. Add apple cider to your diet.

apple cider

Adding at least one to two teaspoons of apple cider to your diet everyday is another effective way of losing weight. Studies have proven its effectiveness too.

According to research, apple cider vinegar has the capacity to improve your blood circulation. In addition, it has a way of tricking your body from eating more as it has the capacity to give you that feeling of fullness, and thus, bidding your midnight craving for sweets goodbye.

9. Spice up your diet


Adding spices to your diet can give you a hot benefit of losing those belly fats. You may add a pinch of turmeric powder to some of your meals and its curcumin content will work on scaring off those extra weights from your body.

More so, it has an anti-inflammatory content and thus, treating your body with more than just weight loss benefits. With this said, there is definitely no reason not to spice up your diet.

10. Walk around your home



Walking around your home is not really a big task for you especially if you would really want to lose weight and get in shape. You can make five rounds around your home every day and just sweat off a bit.

Make it a routine and see how much your body changes once you do some actions. If you have more time, adding a few routines like crunches, lunges, planking, burpees, push-ups, and squats may also help shred your fats quickly.

These are just ten of the many home alternatives to lose those belly fats from your body. When you try to add all these suggestions to your everyday habit, you’ll get shape in no time and the next time you fit that red dress of yours, you’ll see how great you look as you flash that voluptuous figure of yours without even spending a penny over a gym membership or even starving yourself out.


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